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Thoughts about books

By Bob D'Angelo

I continue to read this summer. It has always been an obsession of mine, but the coronavirus pandemic has given me more time to do so. Can't go too many places these days.

What I plan to do in this blog is give brief capsule summaries and thoughts about books. Some of them might be new; others may be a few years old. It's just a matter of when I get to them.

My stack of books to read is always high, which is wonderful. This blog will concentrate on books about history, politics and media. I am not here to push a political point of view; I'll just tell you what I think. If you like it, great. If not, well, that's your privilege.

I read several books during the course of a day. They are in different rooms, so I might read a chapter while eating lunch, or something like that.

If you enjoy reading reviews about sports books, then I invite you to "The Sports Bookie," my site for a look at current books.


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